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GHP Images’ client-base covers business and professional areas including marketing, events management, real estate, advertising, corporate relations, public relations, print and digital media, retailing, law, accounting, architecture and construction and building management.

George Haig’s decades of media experience means guaranteed fast turn-around and the delivery of quality, keenly-priced services. He leads a team of equally highly experienced professional photographers and post production experts. GHP Images is a unique quality and cost-conscious Melbourne photography service.

There is a sea change to the way photography is practiced by amateurs as well as professionals in recent times as compared to only a decade and a half ago. This is because the science of photography has become very advanced. Yet the soul of photography is still the art which sees beyond what the camera sees and captures it. The use of the camera, the light and the contrasts of colors or the play of light is not just a set of techniques but the result of what the artist sees, experiences and captures in his photographs.

Photography studios in Melbourne or anywhere else were just work places where a professional photographer or group of photographers worked and their work included taking photographs, developing them, printing them and making copies as required. Not anymore! While much of the old work has been replaced with digital cameras, photographic software and high resolution printing techniques, the real essence of capturing the mood of the moment is still left to the artist who is also a professional.

GHP Images in Melbourne have also experienced the changes that technology has brought about making them not just a workspace that allows the team to work in but much more than that!

While technology takes care of many things that had to be manually done in a photography studio, there are many things that only the professional photographer can do. He has to be a professional to be adept in various techniques that are being continually developed and also a photographer at heart so that his passion is seen in the photographs he takes.

GHP Images in Melbourne specialize in many distinct styles and techniques involved in professional photography. If you need photographic services in the field of architecture, photography of events or a portfolio for an actor or model or even commercial photography of products or food etc., you have come to the right place; GHP Images in Melbourne.

George Haig the owner of the studio has been a commercial photographer practicing his skills in Australia for more than three decades. He has built his reputation through his work which spans a wide variety of areas and his exceptional understanding of different businesses and their requirements added to his brilliant skills makes him and GHP Images in Melbourne well known and much in demand.