Commercial Photography

Commercial photography which is really photography for business purposes has also seen unprecedented change and advancement. Commercial photography encompasses varied business functions where pictures are used to convey much more than words can. Commercial photographers are employed to produce photographs that are used in magazine and newspaper advertising, brochures, restaurant menus, merchandising and corporate publications among many other uses.

You can use the services of GHP Images for commercial photography in Melbourne and you can be assured of getting global quality pictures that are perfect for the purpose they are taken. George Haig is himself a renowned and respected commercial photographer in Melbourne who has decades of experience in commercial photography. Photographs taken for the purpose of using them to promote or sell a service or product, photographs used in corporate brochures, menus of restaurants, photographs of an event or a building or photographs  used to enhance the text in an article in the magazine and a host of other possibilities; all fall within the purview of commercial photography. Understanding the business need and being able to fulfill it through creative photography is the essence of a good commercial photographer and the team of GHP Images is able to achieve just that. No wonder the name ‘George Haig’ outshines many in the field of commercial photography in Melbourne.

The main areas where commercial photography is widely used are:

  • To sell a product

Commercial photography is mainly used for individual products and according to what aspect of the product the manufacturer wants to focus on (the design or the unique functions or the ease of use etc.) the product is photographed to bring out that aspect of the product.

A good commercial photographer would be able to reveal the detail and feel of a product in the advertisement so that the customer is attracted to the product. Fashion photography could also be considered a part of this category.

GHP Images have a very wide experience in this aspect of commercial photography in Melbourne.

  • To promoting a business venture

Commercial photography is often used by businesses to promote themselves, or some particular aspect of their work. Photographs taken on the shop floor of an industry or a commercial site such as a shop or a mall, photographs of buildings and architectural structures can all be put under this category. Even amongst commercial photographers in Melbourne only few have the special talent for this type of commercial photography and GHP Images is one of them.

  • Pictures of Food for Restaurant Menus

Photography of food requires some special talents and there are some commercial photographers in Melbourne who specialize in food photography. Food can be photographed in a very attractive and creative manner and these photographs are used to promote menus or for use in magazines.

GHP Images have a long experience in this type of commercial photography in Melbourne.