Event Photography

Event photography is much in demand as great professional event photographers with specific skills, equipment and of course the talent is hard to find. There are many event photographers in Melbourne but the one who is able to catch the feeling and highlights of event is what makes the photographer special.

Professional event photography covers a vast number of subjects; each subject of the event requiring different skills and equipment to do complete justice to the event.

Event photography in Melbourne or anywhere else covers corporate events, conferences, artists’ performances such as concerts, private events like formal dinners, sports events, political events and many more.

Since events can take place outdoors as well as indoors, the event photographer must have equipment suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor events. The time of the day and the weather are also important considerations for a photographer who is covering the event.

In his long and illustrious career spanning several decades, George Haig has gained great experience and sharpened his skills as an event photographer in Melbourne. His stint with the media as a professional photographer gave him plenty of opportunity to cover all kinds of events and his event photography has created a special place for him as a recognized and respected event photographer in Melbourne.

There are two main types of events that have to be covered by an event photographer; corporate events and private events. The requirement of these two main categories is different in terms of how the pictures are meant to look. Corporate events can cover dinners, conferences, shows, and performances etc. and photography of these events should be able to capture the mood of the event and vivid portrayal of the main participants.

In private events the focus is on the main participants; the ambience, the mood created by the setting, the guests and the party. There is a lot of creativity and imagination that goes in private events as the event means a lot to the main participants of the event who want the memories of that special event to be captured perfectly forever. The event photographer has to be particularly adept as each moment is important and there can hardly be a retake that is authentic.

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