Head Shots

A head shot or headshot is the new and modern name for what was called portrait photography. It is more than a mug shot of a person or a model but a portrait of a person where the focus of the photograph is on the essence of the personality of the model.

There is a good demand for head shots in Melbourne as they are required for current needs of branding. The head shot brings out the personality of the person in his most natural form.

Corporate head shots in Melbourne are becoming popular as business executives, professionals such as doctors and engineers, musicians and politicians want their head shot photographs shot by professional head shot photographers to be used in professional social media such as LinkedIn, Biznik, CMYPitch, cofounder, effectors etc. Privately too, head shots in Melbourne are used on online dating websites etc.

In the entertainment industry where actors working in theatre, films or television usually attach their head shot to their resume when applying for a role. This head shot is such that shows the person in his or her best appearance. Sometimes the actor or model gets several head shots with different expressions to portray his or her range. Head shots in Melbourne are the precursors to auditions for actors and the quality of the head shot decides whether the actor is called for an audition which finally leads to a role in a drama, sitcom or film.

In the modeling industry, head shots play an important part to get selected for a ramp show or a print project. An actor’s or a model’s head shot is usually retouched professionally so that it looks perfect and free of any blemishes. For a professional model the head shot is the foundation of her/his marketing tools and usually is part of the model’s comp card.

Corporate headshots in Melbourne are made using the same principles as those of models and actors only they are simpler and less dramatic as compared to headshots of models or actors. Corporate headshots are used in various corporate materials such as annual reports, corporate catalogues, brochures and advertising material, company publications and websites, press releases and other announcements etc.

A professional photographer who specializes in head shot photography is required for effective head shots. GHP Images have been professional commercial photographers for many decades and have the experience and the skills to bring out the essence in a person or a thing; this capturing of the essence of the personality of the person in a headshot makes the team one of the most respected professional photographers in almost all fields of commercial photography including head shots in Melbourne.